Brenda Blanchard-Kooser

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Live Sparkly!

At one time or another, we all have felt stuck either in our jobs or lives wondering if there is more to life or is this it?

In this entertaining and life-changing experience, the audience will laugh, cry and be amazed at how paying attention to the small details and making the simplest tweaks can help them add a little magic to their everyday life.

They discover how Living sparkly leads to a happier life, increased productivity at work, and allows them to be a positive influence on the world around them. Brenda shares her unique perspective on the challenges we face at work and in life and how living sparkly can positively impact everything.

The key takeaway for attendees is that when we lean into who we were born to be and bring that person into every aspect of our life and work, the possibilities are endless.

So, hold on to your seats because here comes Brenda (and her sparkle)!

As a former performer for Disney, Busch Gardens, Royal Caribbean and as a current corporate executive, Brenda brings a unique perspective to the challenges of life and work balance with an entertainment component that is unlike any other. Based on personal experience she focuses on how people can go from stuck to sparkly and the wonderful ripple effect this can have on their lives and those around them.

After two decades as an entertainer, Brenda saw an opportunity for a career in the corporate world but quickly found herself feeling stuck and losing some of the magic.

From this experience came “Live Sparkly” where she discovered that big impact can be made through the simplest of actions and attention to details. Currently, she educates people and corporations in an enlightening and entertaining way inspiring them to find their sparkle, rediscover their magic and how doing so makes them a better employee, leader and person.

Brenda doesn’t just speak, she puts on an unforgettable show. She delivers a compelling message by combining humor, vulnerability and storytelling that motivates her audiences to take immediate action to live, love and lead with more intention leaving a little bit of sparkle everywhere they go.

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